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Heavenly Roast Single-serve Cups

We waited a long time before selling single-serve cups. We want to make sure that we could sell single-serve cups that would meet our standards of excellence.

Now, after a lot of testing, we sell single-serve cups for all our roasts and blends, and we do it like no one else.

Our single-serve cups are the freshest, richest, most eco-friendly single-serve cups you can buy. In addition, each of our blends and roasts has been laboratory tested to determine the precise grind level for single-serve cups that will produce the most flavorful cup of coffee for that roast or blend.

Our single-serve cups are compatible with most K-cup machines.


The coffee in our cups is ground and the cups sealed just before shipping. Other cups may sit in warehouses for 18-24 months.


Richer Brew

We fill our cups with 11.5-12 grams of coffee that is ground very finely. So, you get a full-flavored cup of coffee. Most other cups are filled with 8-10 grams of coffee per cup.

Our cups have been laboratory tested to determine the best amount and grind level to give you a heavenly cup of coffee.



The cup, the filter and the lid are all recyclable. The coffee is compostable. There is nothing in any of our cups that needs to end up in a land fill.


Quantities, Discounts, and Variety Packs

Our cups are all shipped bulk. You can purchase them in quantities of

  • 12,
  • 24 (10% discount),
  • 36 (17% discount),
  • 48 (25% discount),
  • 96 (30% discount).

You can also purchase them in variety packs (all quantities) and variety packs with no decaf cups (all quantities). Each variety pack contains an equal number of cups of all our roasts and blends.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction with any produce we sell to you.

Single-serving cups

  • We guarantee satisfaction.  If your purchase does not meet your expectatinos, contact us for an exchange or a refund.

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