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Seraphim Signature Blend

Our Seraphim Signature Coffee Blend takes its name from the six-winged Seraphim, the highest ranked of the angels, described by writers as the “highest models of human aspiration.” We might, then, label all our blends and roasts Seraphim, but the truth is that we had to pick one. We chose our Signature Blend because it is an extraordinary blend. Indeed, it has become our number one selling coffee.

We have combined premium coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala to create a unique blend with a rich, complex flavor. The Brazilian beans are semi-washed, which lowers the acid levels in the final blend, and gives the coffee a smoother taste. The Colombian beans bring a robustness that forms the foundations of the blend’s flavor, and the Guatemalan beans bring a touch of sweetness to the coffee blend, taking the coffee's flavor to another level. The result is a premium coffee with low acidity, a medium body, a rich complexity of flavors and no acid aftertaste.


Semi-washed Coffee Beans

The semi-washed process is used The semi-washed process is used with our Brazilian beans. Semi-washed coffees are best described as "wet-hulled", and will have more body and flavor. In this process, the parchment coffee (the green seed with the parchment shell still attached) is very marginally dried, then stripped of the outer layer, revealing a white-colored, swollen green bean. Then the drying is completed, and the seed quickly turns to a dark green color. This process dramatically lowers the acid content of the beans, which lets their natural flavors come forward without leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Why choose this blend?

The medium-dark roast gives the blend a touch of “roast” in the flavor without covering the natural character of the beans, allowing for a perfectly balanced bittersweet flavor to compliment the blend's combination of premium beans which give the coffee a slight cocoa tone. All our coffees are made with 100% Fair Trade certified arabica beans.

If you are looking for a smooth, low-acid coffee with a hint of boldness and a rich complexity of flavors, you will love our Seraphim Signature Blend.


Package Sizes and Discounts

It is available in a 12-oz. bag with gas valve and tin tie or a 4-pack (10% discount) or 5-lb. size (15% discount). All our 12oz. bags are biodegradable.  We also sell all our roasts and blends in single-serve cups.


Whole Bean and Grind Levels

When you purchase any of our coffees you can select whole bean or any of several grind levels:

  • Drip (the most common – used for most drip coffee makers),
  • Coarse (for making French Press coffee or Cold Brew),
  • Regular (for large commercial coffee makers),
  • Electric Perc (for Electric coffee percolators),
  • Espresso (for Espresso coffee makers),
  • Fine (if you grind coffee for your own single-serve cups),
  • Turkish (for Turkish coffee makers).

We custom grind your coffee just before shipping to keep it as fresh as possible.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction with any produce we sell to you.

Seraphim Blend Medium Dark Roast

SKU: HRC-001
  • Gourmet Coffee at not-so-gourmet prices.

    Sharing Certified Program  This coffee is procured by Heavenly Roast Coffee through a Sharing Certified Program, a system of trade where sharing profits is utilized to offset the lopsided distribution of capital between producers in lesser developed countries and sellers in the developed world.  Incentives and rewards are used, rather thansubsidies, to encourage producers to reach benchmarks in four programs:improving labor conditions, sustainable agriculture, protecting theenvironment, and quality control.This Sharing Certified Program is audited by an experienced,not for profit, third party that is independent and whose purpose and core competency is to assess whether an organization’s program are being put into place and effectively executed in order to meet their state objectives.


  • We guarantee satisfaction.  If your purchase does not meet your expectations, contact us for an exchange or a refund.

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