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Our Signature blend, with flavors: 100% Arabica coffee made from Brazilian, Colombian and Guatemalen coffees. Medium Dark Roast. Available in 12 oz bag with gas valve and tin tie or 4-pack (10% discount) or 5 lb size (15% discount).

Select Whole Bean or Grind Level. Then Select size: single bag, 4-pack, or 5 lb bag. Discounts will be applied automatically.

French Vanilla

  • Gourmet Coffee at not-so-gourmet prices.

    Sharing Certified Program  This coffee is procured by Heavenly Roast Coffee through a Sharing Certified Program, a system of trade where sharing profits is utilized to offset the lopsided distribution of capital between producers in lesser developed countries and sellers in the developed world.  Incentives and rewards are used, rather thansubsidies, to encourage producers to reach benchmarks in four programs:improving labor conditions, sustainable agriculture, protecting theenvironment, and quality control.This Sharing Certified Program is audited by an experienced,not for profit, third party that is independent and whose purpose and core competency is to assess whether an organization’s program are being put into place and effectively executed in order to meet their state objectives.

  • We guarantee satisfaction.  If your purchase does not meet your expectations, contact us for an exchange or a refund.

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