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Antiphonale Duplex is a multi-volume book for the Offices of Lauds and Vespers of the Divine Office according to traditional Benedictine usage, as sung at Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum (The Collegium) each day.  This volume includes the Sundays and major feasts in the Time after Pentecost.  Each volume in the series is arranged to minimize the need for page-turning and to make the singing of the Office as easy as possible for individuals without a background that would tell them where various parts of the Office are located in an Antiphonale or how to point the Psalms.  For example, in a typical Antiphonale, the Psalms are in one section of the book, the antiphons in another, and the tones for the Psalms in another.  To sing an Office with a book arranged in this way, it is necessary to turn from the antiphons for the day to their corresponding Psalms, and to know how to point the Psalms according to the modes of the various antiphons.Antiphonale Duplex eliminates the need for this procedure, which can be daunting for an individual inexperienced in singing the Office. All the Psalms are reprinted for each Office, and each Psalm is pointed according to the mode for the corresponding antiphon.  The tone for each Psalm is also printed above the Psalm, and the antiphons are printed before and after each Psalm.Antiphonale Duplex is intended for singing the Offices of Lauds and Vespers in Latin.  The English translations are not liturgical, but literal.  The intention of the translations is to demonstrate the structure of the Latin to Collegium students who sing these Offices.The antiphons throughout Antiphonale Duplex are notated in standard square-note notation, with some judicious edits, described in the Praenotanda, to help express the nuances of the music as shown in the ancient tenth-century neums.  These ancient neums (mostly from the manuscripts St. Gall 388, 390, and 391) are also transcribed above the square-note notation, in order to facilitate the study of these neums and to aid singers in capturing the nuances of the music.

Antiphonale Duplex - In Tempore post Pentecostes

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