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Four Marks of the Collegium

With its commitment to being Faithful, Affordable, and Classical, the Collegium is already a unique institution.

At the same time, other than our commitment to serve traditional Catholics, these factors don't tell a lot about what it's like to be a Collegian from day to day.  The four marks of the Collegium describe the unique culture of the Collegium.  They will give you an idea of what it is like to be a Collegian.


  • Deum nóscere Deum amáre.  We are first and foremost an academic institution.  Students will be engaged in a classical liberal arts curriculum that emphasizes Thomistic theology and philosophy, history, literature, Latin, and music and art. 

  • Cantáte Dómino.  Vespers and Lauds will be sung daily.  Faculty will be committed to this practice; students will be welcomed to assist.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (offered by the FSSP in a nearby parish) will be available on Sundays, Mondays, Holy Days, First Saturdays, and major feasts, as a start.  Confessions will be available at least weekly.  The Masses are normally sung Masses.  Students with musical skills will be given opportunities to advance those skills and use them in the service of the Lord.

  • In mundo sed non mundi.  The Collegium will promote a contemplative atmosphere.  Students will have opportunities to spend time quietly, anchoring themselves spiritually to better engage the world.

  • Ora et labóra.  Students will also work in the Collegium’s auxiliary business, Heavenly Roast Coffee, thereby gaining both the spiritual benefits of work and the practical skills of marketing, running, and managing a business.



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